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Cash Loans
NBG's Cash Loan program is the ideal solution to your immediate financial needs. It is all about your convenience.
NBG’s Payroll Multi-Benefits Solution
Care was taken to ensure a hassle free process, convenience and high levels of confidentiality.
Bonus Time Deposit ... One year deposit, One Month Free
Reward yourself by applying for a "BONUS" time deposit...

Promotions & Special Offers

Hilton Resorts Mid Year Vacation

Visa Dubai Shopping Festival Promotion

Have your greatest shopping experience
Use your NBG Egypt Visa card when shopping during Dubai Shopping Festival in Dubai Shop: Shop with your Visa card this DSF. Spin: Bring your receipts worth at least AED 300 to the Visa-Wheel at The Dubai Mall between 12th-25t...

NBG Egypt News

National Bank of Greece Sponsors the 13th Cavafia Festive

Within the framework of National Bank of Greece – Egypt (NBG) keenness to strengthen the Greek - Egyptian ties and to support the cultural relationships between both countries, NBG has sponsored the 13th CAVAFIA festive which was held to celebrate the work of the international creative poet “Cavafy” who has Egyptian-Greek joint origin. The famous poet "Constantine P. Cavafy" was born in 186...