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NBG Credit Cards
Whatever you need, wherever you are, it will meet your expectations at any financial situation you will find yourself in.
Cash Loans
NBG's Cash Loan program is the ideal solution to your immediate financial needs. It is all about your convenience.
Bonus Time Deposit ... One year deposit, One Month Free
Reward yourself by applying for a "BONUS" time deposit...

Promotions & Special Offers

NBG Visa Cards Exclusive Offers

Enjoy a wide range of exclusive offers and great discounts on your purchases, at a selective group of merchants, hotels, restaurants and service providers, when you pay using your NBG Egypt Visa Ca...

The Visa Explore App... A world of offers, all in one place

Explore a world of amazing experiences. With hundreds of offers across dining, shopping, entertainment and travel, the Visa Explore App will take you everywhere you want to be.

NBG Egypt News

Honoring NBG- Egypt in the forum conducted by the Children's Cancer Hospital Egypt (CCHE 57357)

  In the framework of the ongoing and mutual cooperation between NBG -Egypt and the Children's Cancer Hospital Foundation 57357, the Hospital has invited the Bank to attend its forum about the role of banks, companies and businessmen in the development of civil society projects for a brighter future for our Communities and our Nation, which took place at the Hospital Auditorium on Saturday, Feb....