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Cash Loans
NBG's Cash Loan program is the ideal solution to your immediate financial needs. It is all about your convenience.
NBG Credit Cards
Whatever you need, wherever you are, it will meet your expectations at any financial situation you will find yourself in.
NBG’s Payroll Multi-Benefits Solution
Care was taken to ensure a hassle free process, convenience and high levels of confidentiality.

Promotions & Special Offers

NBG Visa Cards Exclusive Offers

Enjoy a wide range of exclusive offers and great discounts on your purchases, at a selective group of merchants, hotels, restaurants and service providers, when you pay using your NBG Egypt Visa Ca...

With Visa Secure Network you can pay with confidence

The Visa Secure Network checks every transaction 
so you can pay with confidence. Learn more at: 
visamiddleeast.com/protectedeverywhere #ProtectedEveryw...

NBG Egypt News

Warm welcome in Egypt for NBG Group’s General Manager for International Activities

On the 22nd and 23rd of March, Mr. Marinis Stratopoulos, the General Manager of NBG Group'sInternational Activities, visited NBG Egypt. Mr. Stratopoulos, who arrived in Cairo together with the Group's Deputy Directorfor offshore activities, Mr. Konstantinos Bratos,wasupdated about the latest developments of the Egyptian Economy and about the positive operation of NBG Egypt. The two men met and di...