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Frequently Asked Questions

Current Account with Interest "GariPlus" FAQs

What is the Current Account Interest Bearing?

The Current Account Interest Bearing is an account that binds the benefits of both a current account and a saving account in one. It also has an overdraft feature that you can apply for in case you need extra money.

What’s the minimum amount to open a Current Account Interest Bearing?

You can open the Current Account Interest Bearing with a minimum amount of LE 15,000.

Are there any fees associated with this Account?

Yes. There are fees for opening the account as well as monthly maintenance charges.

Will I get interest payments?

Yes. Interest payments are calculated on a daily basis based on the closing balance in your account. The interest is then collected and paid either monthly or quarterly depending on your preference.

This account is ideal for whom?

This account suits those customers wishing the benefits of a current account, yet who want interest on their closing balances. The account provides checking facilities and all the benefits of a current account.

What if I want to withdraw some of the amount or the entire amount?

There are no charges to withdrawing your money. You can withdraw as much as you want, whenever you want.

Who can apply for this account?

Individuals, professionals and companies.

How can I apply for a Current Account Interest Bearing?

visit your nearest NBG branch.