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Frequently Asked Questions

Payroll FAQs

What is the NBG Multi-Benefits Payroll Solution?

Employers can now transfer their employees’ salaries to NBG in a fast and accurate and secure way. For those employees who transfer their salaries to NBG, they will be able to benefit from a number of special and unique features exclusively with NBG Multi Benefits Payroll Solution.

Are there any fees associated with this account?

The account opening fees as well as the monthly maintenance fees have been greatly discounted. For exact details of the pricing, please refer to your nearest branch.

Will I get interest payments on my account?

Yes. Interest payments are calculated on a daily basis based on the closing balance in your account. The interest is then collected and paid quarterly. Very few banks offer interest payments on their payroll accounts. The higher the money you leave in your account, the more interest you will earn.

Who can apply for this account?

This program is offered to companies and employees.

What benefits are associated with the Payroll Account?

  • Special pricing on cash loans and auto loans
  • Reduced account opening fees and discounted monthly maintenance charges
  • Free debit card for 1st year
  • Salary Advance Feature

What is the Salary Advance feature?

If as an employee, you have run out of your salary before the end of the month, you can apply for a temporary overdraft feature that allows you to borrow up to 50% of your monthly salary to be paid back within 2 months. There is an interest charge on this overdraft feature.

How can I apply for the payroll account?

Visit your nearest NBG branch, and we will set a meeting with your HR manager and market the service for your entire company.