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Frequently Asked Questions

Car Loan against deposits FAQs

What is the loan amount range of secured auto loan?

Minimum loan amount 15,000 EGP without maximum loan range.

What is the loan tenure?

We offer secured auto financing based on deposit/CD maturity date with maximum 60 months. 

I am a customer and I need to know what the benefit is if buy a car through NBG secured auto loan program?

  • Neither prohibition on sale nor car insurance
  • Simplicity of documents
  • Turnaround time –less than one hour

Does the car insurance cover the loan amount or the car value?

No need for car insurance.

What are the eligibility criteria?

You are at least 21 years of age at the time of financing.

Can I partially payoff my car loan?

Yes, the loan can be partially paid off with zero fees.

what is the early repayment fee?

zero fee.

Can I get the car from any car dealer or just the National Bank of Greece authorized dealers?

You can get your car from any dealer you prefer. 

Can I get financing from National Bank of Greece for used car?

Yes, you are eligible to finance used car through secured auto loan program.

How can I receive my car?

As soon as you sign the contract and pledge your deposit, the bank issues a letter to the vendor to deliver the car to you.