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Frequently Asked Questions

Overdraft Facilities FAQs

What are the Retail Secured Facilities?

It is a credit facility against pledge on any type of term deposits with benefits associated and charged an interest over & above the rate received on the term deposit. 

What is a Secured Over-draft?

A credit facility that offers the customer cash whenever he needs it and for whatever purpose by pledging his term deposit. Overdrafts provide the customer with the flexibility of funds when he needs it most.

How does it work?

  • The bank establishes an OPEN "credit limit" for the customer as the maximum amount he can borrow.
  •  As he withdraws, the available credit reduces.
  •  Once he re-pays the money back, the amount available for withdrawal increases again.
  •  He can control how much of his credit limit he wants to withdraw and when. 

What are the benefits to the customer by applying for a Secured Overdraft?

  • Get a cash reserve of up to 90% against his term Deposit funds, while benefiting from attractive interest rates on his fixed deposits.
  • The overdraft offers to customer a lot of freedom and flexibility in how and when he can access his funds wherever and whenever he need it.
  • Facility provided to depositor as well as third party individuals & minors.
  • Interest is charged only on the amount used.
  • With no minimum monthly repayment, customer can manage his cash flow with greater financial flexibility and peace of mind.
  • Low interest rate: only 2% above his local currency depositing rate & 2.5% above his foreign currency depositing rate.
  • Zero high debit balance commission. 

Who is eligible to apply?

Existing NBG term deposit holders & 21 years old minimum. 

How long does it take to get the facility?

It takes about 1 hour approval time. 

How can I apply for Overdraft Facilities?

Visit your nearest NBG branch.