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Frequently Asked Questions

I-Score Service FAQs

About I-Score

The Credit Bureau was founded under the name of The Egyptian Credit Bureau "ESTEALAM", on September 5, 2005. The role of I-Score is to provide credit grantors with accurate, factual information relevant to the history and payment habits of their clients or prospective clients. This will enable credit grantors to better assess their clients' credit worthiness.

What is Credit Bureau?

A Credit Bureau is a data bank that collects factual information relevant to the history and payment habits pertaining to Individual's and SME's from the credit grantors and disseminate such information by way of Credit Information Reports (CIRs) to credit grantors.

Why do we need credit reporting?

The decision to extend credit is made by a "credit grantor." Most often, this decision involves reviewing your credit file, which is obtained from a Credit Bureau, such as I-Score.

What is credit report?

A credit file is created when you apply for credit from the credit grantors. I-Score organizes and stores such credit information so that it can be retrieved by Members of I-Score, in the form of CIRs enabling them in taking informed credit decisions. The CIRs will display information pertaining to good credit history for 2 years and for poor credit history for 5 years.

Why is my credit report important?

When you apply for credit, the credit grantor wants to be sure that, if they lend you money, they will be paid back. The more your credit file demonstrates that you pay your debts on time, the more desirable you become as a potential customer.
If you have fallen behind in repayment schedule in the past, a credit grantor wants to see how you have been managing your debt since then.
Your credit file also shows how much you have already borrowed or co-signed for.

Why was I denied credit?

I-Score neither grants nor denies any application for credit. It simply provides a factual account of your credit history to credit grantors. The credit grantors review this information and make an independent decision based on its own policies.

How can I establish and maintain a good credit scoring?

Two simple ways to keep a solid credit scoring are:
1- To pay your bills on time and always meet payment due dates.
2- Borrow only the amount you can afford to repay.

Consumer rights?

The client (Individual's and SME's) has the right to request a copy of their own CIR on the form prepared for this by I-Score at any time as per the system set by the I-Score after paying the required fees.
The client shall have the right to file a complaint if the data and information in the CIR is incorrect within 15 days of receiving the report.
If the complaint is not filed during this period, the data and information shall be deemed correct and fully accepted by the client, unless proven.