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NBG Egypt

About NBG Egypt


NBG - Egypt Network - More than 100 years in Egypt

National Bank of Greece was the first Greek bank in Egypt. Since the beginning of the 20th century, NBG successfully supported and strengthened the traditional ties of friendship, the closer economic ties and the big Hellenic community in Egypt.

In 1930 NBG and Bank of Athens combined their activities in Egypt into a joint subsidiary, Banque Nationale de Grèce et d’Athènes. In 1960 Egypt nationalized all banks in Egypt, including Banque Nationale de Grèce et d’Athénes. In 1979 NBG opened a full branch in Cairo trusted the Egyptian market and its perspectives.

In light of the development challenges facing the Egyptian economy and the significant efforts of the governments, NBG decided to develop further its activities in Egypt, approaching the market’s needs with modern banking understanding, products, dynamism and knowledge to suggest the best financial solutions to the local market..

In 2007, the Bank decided to further develop its activities in Egypt through an expansion of its branch network. NBG Egypt extended its branch network by increasing the number of its branches to 17, covering the most significant locations in the country.