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Corporate Social Responsibility


One of the firm basis of NBG since it has been inaugurated its participation in social activities aiming for the society's welfare, which has proved to be a strong driving force for the bank's enduring business success.

Abiding by these values, NBG has urbanized a corporate culture that aligns with the Bank's aspiration in contributing to a continuous growth of various sectors including the market, shareholders, workers, the community in whole and the environment.

For the Bank, stakeholders are "natural and legal persons who are affected directly or indirectly by its decisions and its operations, including shareholders, customers, employees, the business community, NGOs, local communities, suppliers, the government, and media."

Participation of businesses in the welfare of the community

Corporate activity has constantly been driven by accomplishing enough profit to be able to pursue the business within the community in which it functions.

During the past few years, the new economical conditions worldwide accentuated the necessity that businesses put their full power into supporting the society's prosperity & development. Companies that have social responsibilities should make serious obligation to issues such as  transparency, quality of service, the potential to create, defend human rights, protect the environment and preserve the cultural heritage—all key components of CSR on both internal & external aspects.

 NBG and Corporate Social Responsibility

Having developed this corporate culture and taking responsibility towards the community in which it operates, NBG has consistently demonstrated its respect for human values, the welfare of the Egyptian community, and environmental protection.