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NBG Egypt Sponsors the Celebration of the Greek National Day 2017

NBG Egypt was honored to be one of the main sponsors for the Greek Embassy event for the 196th anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821. The event was held on Sunday, 26th of March 2017, attended by numerous Greek and Egyptian officials and guests, whom welcomed the Greek Ambassador to Egypt Mr. “Michael Christos Diamesis” and his wife, Ambassador of Greece to the Republic of Tunisia, Mrs. “Teresa Angelatou”. This stunning celebration was certainly one of the most successful National Day celebrations organized, with about 2,500 people attended and expressed their admiration of this event.

Meanwhile, Mr. “Diamesis” referred to the brotherly relations between Greece - Egypt, beginning from the time of the Pharaohs and Alexander the Great, bringing even closer to today’s relationship. Greek Ambassador gave speech in both Greek and English to the guests about the huge effort of Greece to overcome the economic crisis, noting that measures were harder than any other European country.

The event had witnessed a huge number of important figures including the Minister of Supply and Internal Trade as a representative of the Government of Egypt Dr. “Aly Moselhy”, spokesman of the Presidency of the Republic of Egypt, Ambassador “Alaa Youssef”, the Special Adviser to the Egyptian President's for religious affairs Prof. “Osama Al-Azhary”, Also Mr. “George Sochos” the Country Manager of National Bank of Greece – Egypt, in addition to a group of Egyptians and members of the Greek community in Egypt.